Ascorbic acid, carotenoids and beta-(β) carotene contents in different varieties of chillies (Capsicum annuum L.) of Bangladesh

SK. Nazrul Islam, Jolly Khanam, Saiful Haque, Md. Nazrul Islam Khan, Sagarmay Barua, SH Thilsted, N Hassan


I’ive popularly consumed Chilli varieties {Caps icum unnitum L.) were investigated I'or their
ascorbic acid, total carotenoids and P-carotene contents. Samples were collected Irom the
local wholesale markets where Chillies produced in dilTerent areas ol’ Bangladesh were
marketed during early (Oclober-November) and late (February-March) winter. Ascorbic acid
was estimated by spectrophotometric method, total carotenoids was determinted by solvent
e.xtraction followed by .spectrophotometric method, while P-carotene was estimated by HPI,('
system. Ascorbic acid ranged from .S0±8 to llS+.'img^; in lender green and 56±11
t o l 8 2 ± l 12mg'?' in matured red chillies. C'art)tenoids ranged between 269±37|.ig9; and
l().S4±6lf.ig'/f in green chillis, and 23.S()±225;.ig% and 8 2 9 9 1 1 2 6 l|.ig% in red chillies. Highest
content ol' carotenoids was I'ound in red Bulujuri (8299+1261|.ig^r) and Buroia
(,S420±294|.ig'^f) varieties. P-carotene ranged I'rom 2.S5±27 to 411 ±7()f,tg '!r in the green and
692±23() to 1784±109|.ig'^r. in the red varieties. In general consistently higher amount ol' Pcarotene
was I'ound in all matured red than in tender green Chilli varieties. Percent ol' Pcarotene
in total carotenoids was I'ound to be in a range o f 20 to 9 \ ' ’/f in difl’erent Chilli

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