Mineral content in different banana varieties of Bangladesh

Farhana Kabir Etna, Sagarmay Barua, SK. Naznil Islam


Seven varieties comprising twen l \ - l iv c sub-varielics ol' banana ol llangladesh have been
analyzed tor their minerals contents. The samples were procured Irom larmer's Held and from
the major local wholesale markets where bananas Irom dilierent pari ol the country are
brought lor sale. Mineral profile was estimated by atomic absorption I'lame emission
spcctrophotiimetric method. Result was a n a l \ /e d by SPSS program and values were
expressed as m e a n tS h in mg,' ll)()gm Iresh banana. Calcium content in bananas ranged Irom
(1.S7 to 7.38 mg per lOOgm edible were portion (F.P). Phosphorus and magnesium content
found to be relatively high and ranged between 2 0 .17 to 1()(),93 mg and were 13 to 41.71mg
per lOOgm I’P. Zinc and sodium content o f banana were found to be relatively low and
ranged 0.01 to 0.58 mg and 0.07 to 3.59 mg per 100 gm EP respectively. Banana contains a
fairly good amount o f magnesiun and phosphorus and low amount o f zinc and sodium.


Bananas, Fissential Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium.

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