Studies on Haemoglobin, Serum Calcium and Ascorbic Acid Level in Normal Pregnant, Pre-Eclamptic and Eclamptic Patients

Khursheed Jahan, Maksuda Parvin, Abdullah Ibn Mafiz


Background: Nutritional status in relation to selected biochemical parameters and also nutrient intakes in the pre-eclampsia and eclampsia was assessed in 52 patients and compared with that of 52 normal pregnant (NP) women. Serum calcium, ascorbic acid and blood Hb levels in the pre-eclamptic and eclamptic patients were significantly lower than the values of NP women. By unpaired t-test demonstrated in our study, the serum calcium, ascorbic acid and blood Haemoglobin (Hb) level were highly significantly different but not correlated with each other when compared among these groups. However, total statistical analysis revealed that among all the factors studied serum calcium level, ascorbic acid level and blood Hb level have effect on nutritional status of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.

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