Services Quality and Students’ Satisfaction: A Study on the Public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of Bangladesh

Sigma Islam, Shadrul Hassan Himel


The higher education sector of Bangladesh has been growing rapidly
and with transformation since the last couple of years. The number of both
public and private higher education institutions (HEIs) has been increased. As
students are becoming more quality conscious and there are many options
available in their hand, HEIs should consider the quality of services rendered
with greater significance. So, this study has been conducted with an aim to
examine the relationship between overall service quality and student
satisfaction. It further aims to determine the percentage of variation in student
satisfaction explained by service quality. Parasuraman’s (1988) SERVQUAL
model for measuring service quality provides the theoretical framework for this
study. It is based on a questionnaire survey conducted among 150 students of
few public HEIs of Bangladesh. Extensive review of literature provided the
context for this study and statistical analyses were done on primary data.
Moderately strong correlation has been found between overall service quality
and student satisfaction. It has also been found that a significant proportion of
variation in student satisfaction is explained by overall service quality. So,
service quality is an important determinant of student satisfaction in the public
HEIs of Bangladesh.


Service Quality, SERVQUAL Model, Student Satisfaction, Public Higher Education Institutions, Bangladesh

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