Sea or Hill: Investigating the Contributing Aspects Behind Choosing the Destination

Asif Imtiaz, G. M. Selim Ahmed


The trend of choosing destination among the travelers in Bangladesh
is changing. In Bangladesh, two types of destination are popular among the
tourists. One is sea like Cox's Bazar, Kuakata (the most common destination for
travelers who seeks better accommodation, leisure, easy accessibility, safety and
security from the destination), the other is hill tracts like Bandarban,
Rangamati, Khagrachari (preferred by adventure seekers, especially popular
among young traveler). This paper is focused on determining whether the sea is
chosen over hills and what is its extent. The research has been conducted among
such a group of people who secure a big market share in Bangladeshi tourism
industry – people with age between 17-34 years. Results reveal that as the age
grows, travelers pick sea over hills in terms of rest and relaxation, escaping and
attractive destination image. Females, than males, love more to visit sea than to
visit hills.


Tourism, Destination, Destination Image, Relax, Escaping, Gender

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