Strategies for Promoting Kaptai Lake as a Water-based Tourism Destination of Bangladesh

Md. Kamruzzaman, Mohammad Badruzzaman Bhuiyan


Despite having beauty and serenity, Kaptai Lake is one of the most
overlooked tourist destinations of Bangladesh. The study aims to identify
various tourist segments of Kaptai Lake. The nature of the study is descriptive
and explanatory. It aims to find and analyze the influence of socio-demographic
characteristics and travel behavior of the tourists on the choice of Kaptai Lake
over other destinations and the ways to promote Kaptai Lake as a tourist
destination. Both primary and secondary data have been used and a survey has
been conducted. The study revealed that the tourists who visit this lake usually
enjoy the tranquility, natural beauty of the hills surrounding the lake and also
the sunset. The tourists need to have economy and business class
accommodation, easy accessible routes, comfortable transports, hygiene and
sanitation, safety and security and emergency services. The findings of the study
can help the tourism experts and marketers to position Kaptai Lake to attract
and retain both domestic and international tourists to visit this destination and
ensure its competitiveness.

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