Success Factors of Place Marketing: A Study on Vinnya Jagat

Mubina Khondkar, Koushik Prashad Pathak, Adiba Anis


Various tools, models and perceptions of location or place marketing are
discussed in this article. A case study on Vinnya Jagat, a sister concern of Nanadan
Kanon Housing Limited, is done to outline the prospects of promoting a location as
tourist spot and tourist destination. The article provides with the findings regarding
place or location marketing concept and the prospects of utilizing the analysis of
those findings in real life scenarios. The main task of the Vinnya Jagat project was
its marketing as a location with place marketing concept. It targeted both local and
foreign tourists, individuals and groups. The activities also included general
marketing of this park. This study also presents the analysis of the success factors of
the park in place marketing perspective.


marketing, place marketing, success factors, Vinnya Jagat

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