Tourism Vision 2020: A Case of Bangladesh Tourism with Special Emphasis on International Tourist Arrivals and Tourism Receipts

Abu Naser Ahmed Ishtiaque


The purpose of the Tourism Vision 2020 is to expand the role of tourism
and elevate industry to new heights of success. The Plan was developed and
articulated by UNWTO, which sets out to chart a framework for forecasting
international arrivals by the year 2020. Tourism is a multi-faceted industry and is
playing pivotal role in the the economic perspective global as well as of a country.
Bangladesh is also trying to attain the vision 2020 by declaring 'Bangladesh
Tourism 2020'. However, this study represents an analysis of the tourism vision of
2020 worldwide and the state of tourism at present in Bangladesh according to the
vision of 2020; as well as predicts the position of tourism in Bangladesh for the year
2020. The paper basically examines the potential of tourism as a contributor to
overall development of the country under the strategy of vision 2020. It is suggested
that the considerable attention needs to be given on planning to attain the target set
by the program. However, the finding of the study reveals that by the year 2020,
tourism in Bangladesh will play a remarkable role in the economic sector by
contributing significantly to the nation’s GDP, through increased international
tourist arrivals and increased tourism revenues.


Vision 2020, Forecasting, Development, Tourist arrivals and Tourism receipts

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