Perception and Usage Level of Information Communication Technology (ICT) at Personal and Professional Arena by the Lawyers in Bangladesh

Md. Akram Hossain, Md. Ziaul Haque


This study was conducted to determine the level of using information and
computer technology (ICT) and acceptance of new technology by lawyer in
Bangladesh in their professional and personal purpose. The study reveals that in
Bangladesh most of the lawyers use computer and internet for their professional
purpose due to the field of judiciary system requires the use of computers to support
in information processing, decision making and records keeping. The study reveals
most of the times lawyer are using ICT for their professional life. The reasons are
unavailability of high speed and wireless connections, lack of computer knowledge,
high cost at start-up and unwillingness of them. The success of information and
communications technology (ICT) applications in legal practice is profoundly
dependent on the level of computer use by lawyer. But the scenario is changing
gradually. Majority of the lawyers are interested to accept the new technology for
their professional capability enhancement and serve to the nation. This
questionnaire-based study assessed the level of computer and internet use by lawyer
in Bangladesh is low satisfactory but perception of lawyer for accepting new
technology is positive both in their personal and professional arena.


Computer, Lawyer, Bangladesh, IC, IT, IS

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