The Appropriate Medium of Advertisement for the Mobile Service Providers of Bangladesh to Reach the Young Generation

Koushik Prashad Pathak, Fariha Tasnim


This paper presents the results of a study using the available medium of
advertisement for the existing mobile service providers of Bangladesh to examine the
relationship between the used medium and young customers’ satisfaction about the
advertisements of the mobile service providers of Bangladesh. Using a survey of a
sample of 290 young respondents, the study confirms that the usages of appropriate
mediums are positively related to reach the young generation. The study also
examine that among the available seven mediums existing service providers are
using almost all of them to attract young customers. Though the young customers
are quite happy with the medium, they are not happy with the existing pattern of
advertisement. They are also demanding the advertisement having humor appeal but
the existing pattern is giving them the rational and emotional appeal. The data
gathered from the survey was analyzed using different statistical techniques namely
frequency distribution, cross tabulation, multiple regression analysis etc. Finally,
this analysis focuses on three mediums: television, radio and sponsorship which has
significant impact on the customers’ and these three mediums are the best mediums
of advertisement to reach and attract the young generation for the mobile service
providers of Bangladesh.


Medium of advertisement, generation Y, customers’ satisfaction, mobile service providers.

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