Comparative Analysis of Global and Domestic Brands of Soft Drinks in Bangladesh

Mohammad Monirul Islam, Farha Fatema


Although soft drinks entered into Bangladeshi market in the later part of
1980s it has become popular to people of different ages within that short period. At
present Bangladesh has a very competitive market of soft drinks. The analysis in
this study focuses on the comparative situation of Global and Domestic Brands of
Soft Drinks in Bangladesh. Using a sample of 107 consumers, 26 retailers and 10
distributors in Dhaka, Narayangonj and Gazipur areas, evaluation of market
position of and consumers perception towards the different global and domestic
companies of soft drinks; assessment of preference and future possible trends of
consumers’ towards the different brands of soft drinks; identification of the others
groups’ influence on the promotions of these products have been considered. Simple
Tabulation, Cross Tabulation, Precented Tabulation, Multiple Regression Analysis,
and ANOVA were used to analyze the data gathered from the survey. The study
found that the global brand PepsiCo is in much better position in competitive
positioning model, share of market mind and heart, brand awareness, competing
brand scenarios, and consumers’ advertising awareness, ranking of soft drinks. The
report recommended that some of the soft drinks companies should reduce the price
of some selective brands (both local and global), increase quality and promotions in
rural areas and for some companies also in urban areas, provide benefits to the
retailers and distributors.


Brand, Soft Drinks, Global and Domestic Brands

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