Calculation of the Neutron Shielding Properties of Locally Developed Ilmenite-Magnetite (I-M) Concrete

Md. Hossain Sahadath, Ripan Biswas, Md. Fazlul Huq, Abdus Sattar Mollah


The fast neutron effective removal cross section, , plays a significant role in determining the shielding effectiveness of any material against fast neutrons. This study has been concerned with the analytical calculation of of the locally developed Ilmenite-Magnetite (I-M) concrete. For comparisons, the same parameter has been calculated for other types of concretes with different densities and compositions. The calculated value of for I-M concrete is 0.09078 cm-1 and found to higher than some concretes. The relaxation length and transmission rate of fast neutrons in I-M concrete have been compared graphically with other types of concretes. The results of this study will provide some specific useful information of effective removal cross sections and half value layers of the locally developed I-M concrete and other types of concretes for practical shielding calculations.


Fast neutrons, I-M concrete, Effective removal cross section, Relaxation length

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