Current Status of Geological Remote Sensing in Bangladesh: A Review

A. K. M. Khorshed Alam


Geological application of remote sensing in Bangladesh has been reviewed from published literatures with an objective of evaluating its present status and potentiality of future use. Application of remote sensing started in Bangladesh with the use of aerial photographs in the middle of the last century, and satellite remote sensing started since the beginning of Landsat era in early 1970s. Data from different sensors are being used in geological mapping, mineral exploration, neotectonic studies, coastal geological mapping etc. and is also used in the fields of urban geology, environmental geology and natural hazard assessment which give valuable results. Both visual image interpretation and digital image processing techniques are being applied for data analysis. The review result clearly shows its effective use in various geological applications and ascertains its potential utilization to meet the challenges of the country in the 21st century. But the future successful and wide use of remote sensing will largely depend on trained and knowledgeable manpower and availability of these data at low cost.


angladesh, Remote Sensing, Geology, Natural Hazards, Neotectonics.

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