HPLC-UV Determination of Catechins and Gallic Acid in Aerial Parts of Astragalus glycyphyllos L.

Lysiuk Roman, Kozachok Solomiia


The aerial part of Astragalus glycyphyllos L. (Astragali glycyphylli herba), a promising
nephroprotective agent in folk medicine, has been investigated by HPLC-UV for occurrence of catechins, which are
known in individual state as renoprotective substances and gallic acid. The following six compounds were detected and
quantitatively determined in the analyzed plant material: (-)-gallocatechin, (-)-epigallocatechin, (+)-catechin,
(-)-epicatechin, (-)-epicatechin gallate and gallic acid. The highest yield amongst the flavan-3-ols was found for
(-)-gallocatechin (3.7 mg/g) and (-)-epigallocatechin (1.7 mg/g). The determined content of gallic acid was 0.4 mg/g.
The investigated material should be subjected for further studies to substantiate the recommendation for its wider
employment in current phytotherapeutic practice.


Astragalus glycyphyllos, HPLC-UV, nephroprotectors, catechins, gallic acid.

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