In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Some Synthetic Indolium Chloride Derivatives

Arifa Akther, Mohammad Rashedul Haque, Mohammad A. Rashid, Md. Wahab Khan


A total of eight compounds including four starting materials and four indolium chloride derivatives were tested against Gram positive and Gram negative bacterial and fungal strains. Among them, N-acetyl-2- acetylindoliumchloride (8) exhibited significant antimicrobial activity at a concentration of 200 μg/disc, while the Nacetyl-2-benzoylindoliumchloride (9) showed moderate activity at 400 μg/disc. At the same time, N-acetyl-2- anisoylindoliumchloride (10) and N-acetyl-2-tolylindoliumchloride (11) demonstrated weak antimicrobial activity.


N-acetyl-2-acetylindoliumchloride, antimicrobial assay, disc diffusion.

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The Dhaka University Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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