Internal Labour Migration: Does it Fit with the Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Framework in Rural Bangladesh?

Munshi Israil Hossain


This article looks into the poorest, who move away from rural-rural and rural-urban
areas in Bangladesh in order to look fo r work, overcome their vulnerable situation
and improve their livelihoods. However, its main endeavor is not only espousing the
positive but also negative impacts o f labour migration, h shows the reasons for
moving out, and the capital assets by which they pursue themselves as migrants.
How the structures and processes function in promoting migration at the individuals
and households levels is a part o f this article. Finally, this article tries to see how
much the sustainable rural livelihoods framework Jit with the findings and existing
literature. It has found that the major parts o f this framework fits with the findings
and the existing literature.

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