Installed Solar Panels: Hopes for Women in the Char Areas of Bangladesh

Shuchita Sharmin


Chars are areas o f new kind formed through a continuous process o f erosion
and deposition associared with the major rivers which run through the country.
These are home to some o f the poorest and most vulnerable people in
Bangladesh. In the chars the risk o y f floods and river erosions is the highest.
People here are deprived o f almost all the facilities available even in the
remotest part o f the main hind. Several iniernational, national and local- NGOs
have started working in the chars with a vicM' to support the dwellers toward
development. Oxfam is implementing River Basin Programme (RBP) in 08
districts fo r the most vulnerable people living in the chars. Installation o f solar
panel is one among the different undertaken development initiatives. The solar
panels are installed in different locations in the chars, such as, market place,
flo o d shelters, village community centres, etc. The present study e.xplores the
impact o f instcdled solar panels on the lives o f women who are being benefited
from these.

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