Developmental stages of a mottled emigrant butterfly, catopsilia pyranthe

MH Arju, MA Bashar, G Moula


The overall life cycle, duration and survival rate of different developmental stages (egg, larva and pupa) of Catopsilia pyranthe conducted at 27 ± 3°C and RH 75% ± 2. showed that within 6.4 days 68% eggs hatched. The average duration from egg to adult, larval stage and pupal were 23.87, 10.93 and 6.8 days, respectively. Fifty six out of 68 larvae successfully completed their whole 5 instars. There were positive correlation among the larval instars, amount of food consumption and excretion of faeces. About 52% pupa were emerged as adult at laboratory condition.


Life cycle; Catopsilia pyranthe; Developmental stages; Rearing

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