Translation and adaptation of parental‐child attachment scale in Bangla

Abu Zafar Md Riaz Uddin, Umme Kawser, Rajon Das Jony, Akib Ul Huque


Hudson’s parental‐child attachment scale (PCAS) is a popular instrument to
assess the quality of parental child attachment ‐ the emotional bond that
influences the social and emotional development of a child. The present study
adapted this scale for using with Bangla speaking parents and their children.
This study was conducted with 100 children and their parents (either father or
mother). The internal consistency of the parental‐child attachment scale was
computed by Cronbach’s alpha which was 0.888 for youth items and 0.816 for
parent items. The split‐half reliability co‐efficient of the scale was 0.787 for youth
items and 0.779 for parent items. So the preliminary reliability and content
validity of the scale has been established.


Adolescent, Parental‐child, Attachment

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