Accumulation of diazinon in indian spinach under different doses of rice hull

Fahmida Akhter, Didar Ul Alam, Monira Begum, Naushad Alam


An experiment was conducted to determine the effect of diazinon pesticide
on some chemical properties of soil and to evaluate the accumulation of diazinon
in Indian spinach (Basilla alba) under different doses of rice hull. Diazinon
application had a positive effect to reduce the electrical conductivity (EC) of soil.
Values of pH were found to decrease with the addition of diazinon. Diazinon
had no effect on soil organic matter content although addition of rice hull
increased organic matter content in soil with time. Plant analysis showed that the
application of rice hull restricted the uptake of diazinon and continuously
decreased with time. Therefore, rice hull could be used to control the uptake of
diazinon pesticide by short duration vegetable crops.


Bioremediant, Diazinon, Rice hull

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