Gender differences in coping styles of patients with depression: A comparative study

Anita Rani Saha, Farah Deeba


The present study was undertaken to investigate the gender differences in
coping styles of patient with depression. Three types of coping styles were
measured: problem focused, emotion focused and dysfunctional copings. The
sample consisted of 101 participants (Male = 61, 60.4%) and (Female = 40, 39.6%)
diagnosed with depression who were selected through convenience sampling
technique from different hospitals of Dhaka city. Depression scale (DS), adapted
Bengali version of Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) and adapted
Bengali version of COPE scale were used to assess different variables for the
present study. Results of the study indicated that male patients were tending to
use more problem focused coping styles than females and female patients were
tending to use more dysfunctional coping style than male. There was no gender
difference found in the groups on emotion focused coping style. Based on the
findings developing a better therapeutic intervention to treat depression, was


Gender, Coping styles, Depression, Comparative study

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