Cytogenetical characterization of Acalypha Indica L. in Bangladesh

Ishrat Jahan Bonna, Sheikh Shamimul Alam, Syeda Sharmeen Sultana


Acalypha indica L. was cytogenetically characterized after staining with
orcein, CMA and DAPI. In this species "Simple Chromocenter Type" of
interphase nuclei was observed with a few small heterochromatin blocks
following orcein staining. Prophase chromosomes showed “Interstitial Type” of
staining pattern with orcein which indicated the tendency of aggregation of
heterochromatin in interstitial regions of chromosome. This plant was found to
possess 2n = 20 metacentric chromosomes. The total length of 2n chromosome
complement was 55.33 μm. Individual chromosome length ranged from 1.84 to
3.50 μm. The relative length of each chromosome ranged from 0.03 to 0.06. After
staining with CMA, three bright bands were observed at different locations of
chromosomes. A total of four DAPI-positive bands were also found of which two
bands were centromeric and other two were entirely fluoresced with DAPI. The
results of the cytological investigation may be useful for future characterization
of this plant species.


Cytogenetical characterization, CMA, DAPI, Acalypha indica

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