Phytoavailability of chromium in chromium salt and poultry feed

Tazeen Fatima Khan, Samapti Roy, Md. Harunur Rashid


A pot-culture experiment was conducted to investigate phytoavailability of
chromium in inorganic chromium salt and raw poultry feed made from tannery
waste. Poultry feed from tannery waste was applied to the soil at a rate of 5 t/ha
while inorganic chromium salt was applied at a rate of 10 mg/ kg and 810 mg/kg.
An upland leafy-vegetable commonly known as Kalmi (Ipomoea aquatica) was
used to assess the phytoavailability. Physico-chemical analyses of all soil and
plant samples were done at 0, 15, 30 and 45 days of incubation to assess
chromium phytoavailability and also its effects on the uptake of other heavy
metals viz., lead and iron. Plants treated with Cr showed declined vegetative
growth, low accumulation of dry matter, reduced nutrient concentration and
reduced nutrient uptake. It was found that the plants accumulated higher
amount of Cr from raw poultry feed treated soil compared to that of the
inorganic Cr salt treated soil. The effect of treatments on Cr accumulation both in
root and shoot was found significant. The study concludes that Cr is
phytoavailable depending on the source and increased concentration of Cr
decreases accumulation of Pb and Fe and thereby likely to decrease uptake of
these metals.


Phytoavailability, Chromium, Poultry feed, Tannery waste, Kalmi

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