Plant Community Composition in Relation to Soil Physico‐Chemical Properties of the Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh

Mohammad Zabed Hossain, Mohammad Ashraful Alam Khan, Md. Abul Kashem, Sirajul Hoque


Vegetation composition in relation to soil physical and chemical properties
of the Ratargul Swamp Forest was examined in the present study. Vegetation
data were collected from 10 different sites by placing quadrats (10 m × 10 m)
randomly at a distance of 500 m from each other in the forest area. Soil samples
were collected from the centre of the quadrat. Plant species richness and the
Shannon Diversity Index (H′) ranged from 3 to 7 and from 0.150 to 1.184
respectively, per quadrat. Among the tree species, Pongamia pinnata (L.) Merr.
showed the highest important value index (IVI) value (15.62) indicating the
dominance of the species in the forest. Among the shrubs, Schumannianthus
dichotomus (Roxb.) Gagnep. showed the highest IVI value (36.25) and Phyllanthus
disticha showed the lowest (2.2). Of the herbs, Diplazium esculentum (Retz.) Sw.
showed the highest (92.44) and Asparagus racemosus L. showed the lowest (2.2)
IVI values. Diameter at breast height (DBH) of P. pinnata (L.) Merr. varied largely
from 29.26 to 169.77 cm indicating its growth variability from site to site in the
forest. Soil pH, electric conductivity, organic carbon, total nitrogen and total
phosphorus also showed a large range of variation in the study area.
Redundancy Discriminant Analysis showed that soil moisture, conductivity,
organic carbon and total nitrogen were significantly correlated with plant species
data. Crataeva nurvala Buch.‐Ham and Mucuna zygantea DC. correlated with soil
organic carbon and moisture content. On the other hand, S. dichotomus (Roxb.)
Gagnep. showed significant correlation with soil conductivity. Results, thus,
indicate that vegetation


Ratargul swamp forest, Soil properties, Vegetation composition

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