Growth and yield responses of BARI Gom-26 (Triticum aestivum L.) to naphthalene acetic acid

Nargis Jahan, A.M.M. Golam Adam


The effect of various concentrations of NAA (0, 25, 50, 75, 100 mg/l) on the
growth and yield components of BARI Gom-26 was investigated. Data recorded
on plant height, number of tillers per plant and number of leaves per plant
showed negative performance in most cases with a few exceptions (7 and 14 DAS
due to 25 and 50 mg/l NAA). The 50 mg/l NAA produced the highest total dry
matter (TDM) at all the stages of growth except at 21 and 28 DAS and significant
variations were observed at 7 DAS. Length of spike, grains per spike and 1000-
seed weight increased following all the rates of NAA applications. Number of
effective tillers and maximum yield (g/plant and t/ha) increased significantly
only due to application of 50 mg/l NAA and the increases were 9.09 and 12.24%
higher over the control, respectively. Non-effective tillers per plant decreased
with all concentrations of NAA application and the maximum decrease (60.20%)
was recorded with 50 mg/l NAA. Non-significant highest harvest index was also
recorded with 50 mg/l followed by 100 mg/l NAA application.


BARI Gom-26, NAA, Foliar application, Growth, Yield

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