Assessment of soil quality in Bangladesh with organic carbon as the indicator property

M.S. Hussain, M.J. Uddin, A.S.M. Mohiuddin


In recent years, soil quality has become a burning issue in the management
of agricultural lands all over the world. A lot of information on soil quality are
available, presently most of which have been done by the soil scientists of the
developed world. There exists no direct method of determining soil quality.
Light on soil quality can be shed with the help of some key soil properties called
indicators of soil quality. Organic matter in soil has assumed a central position in
determination of soil quality. Unfortunately till to date, no serious thinking on
soil quality has been attempted in Bangladesh. In this paper, an attempt has been
made to report the results of assessment of soil quality using organic carbon as
the indicator property. Results show that there is no significant change of organic
matter contents in the studied soil over the years.


Assessment, Soil quality, Organic carbon, Indicator property

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