A preliminary survey on the status and potential of aquarium fish and its trade in Bangladesh

Mohammad Mamun Chowdhury, Md. Raknuzzaman, Kazi Farhed Iqubal


A preliminary survey was conducted on 50 randomly selected aquarium shops in Dhaka city to assess the present status and potential of the aquarium fishes and its trade during the five months period from February to June 2004. Forty six species of aquarium fishes were found in the market of which nine were local and others were imported from Thailand, Singapore and India. Neontetra, Longfin, Glass catfish, Gold fish, Blackmoor, Rosybarb, Tigerbarb, Harlwequin fish, Cardinal tetra, Guppy, Platy, Angelfish and Lal Khailsha were abundant and of high demand while Zebra barb, Yellow tetra, Glass tetra, Red bellied piranha, Festivum, Zebra Malawi cichlid and Molly were of low demand. Big and small size shop owners earned a profit of Tk. 1,200 - 2,000 and Tk. 100 - 599, respectively per day.  Most of the traders were graduates and 50% had no extra occupation. They were satisfied with their occupation. Most of the employees had good knowledge in keeping fishes in good condition. The household members, service holders and business personnel buy aquarium fishes for decoration as well as their hobby.


Survey, Status, Potential, Trade, Aquarium fish

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