Induction of mutation in neurospora crassa with diathane-m45 and genetical studies of some selected mutants

T. I. M. A. Mozmader, Udaya Shireen Keya, Tahsina Haque


Diathane-M45 at 0.125 and 0.062% concentration induced nine different groups of mutants in Neurospora crassa. The mutants were cauliflower, fissure, mat, ropy, check, fluffy, conidial band, vigorous and buff which showed difference with Ema in their morphology. Complementation test of different morphological mutants showed positive results but complemen-tation of similar morphological mutants were negative. Linkage study revealed clf (D6-34) was linked with pyr-1A of linkage group IV.


Diathane-M45, Mutants, Neurospora crassa

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