Natural convection flow of MHD micropolar fluid along a vertical wavy surface

S. Sultana, Nepal C. Roy


We study the boundary layer characteristics of natural convection flow of an electrically conducting micropolar fluid along a vertical wavy
surface. The dimensionless governing equations have been solved numerically. Results are presented in terms of the local skin-friction
coefficient, the local Nusselt number and the local couple stress with the variation of amplitude-wavelength ratio, magnetic parameter,
vortex viscosity parameter and spin-gradient viscosity parameter. Due to increase of the amplitude wave-length ratio, the skin-friction and
the couple stress are found to decrease whereas the Nusselt number increases. The skin friction and the couple stress increase but the
Nusselt number decreases for increasing values of vortex viscosity parameter. In addition, when the spin-gradient viscosity is increased, the
maximum values of the Nusselt number and the couple stress significantly increase but the skin-friction decreases. The magnetic parameter
considerably reduces the skin-friction, Nusselt number and couple stress.

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