A Case Study of Double Lid Driven Cavity for Low Reynolds Number Flow

Doli Rani Pal, Goutam Saha, Kajal Chandra Saha


The present numerical study has been accomplished remembering the true objective to explore the low Reynolds number flow with heat exchange behaviors inside a double lid driven square shaped cavity loaded with fluids such as air and water. Specifically, this work explores laminar, steady, incompressible mixed convection flow inside the cavity which has been done numerically by applying Finite Difference Method (FDM). In this analysis, top wall is treated as the heated wall and remaining walls are considered as cold walls. In addition, vertical side walls are moving at a relentless speed in its own particular plane along with the positive direction. Moreover, the numerical simulation is being conveyed out to observe the behavior of flow and thermal fields for variation of low Reynolds Number (Re), Richardson number (Ri) and Prandtl number(Pr). Also, the results have been validated through a comparison with other research works and a good agreement is observed. Also, results show that the above mentioned dimensionless parameters have significant effects on the flow and heat exchange attributes. Moreover, the effects of these parameters on average Nusselt number (Nu) have been analyzed and presented.


Heat transfer, Reynolds number, Nusselt number, Richardson number, Prandtl number.

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