Islamic View of Women Leadership as Head of the State: A Critical Analysis


  • Mohammad Elius


Islamic view, Women leadership


Since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the West, women have been given certain social, political and economic rights after decades of struggle which Islam had confirmed unequivocally fourteen hundred years ago. Islam has clarified the legal rights and obligations of both men and women in such a balanced way that women cannot complain about their weakness or inferiority and men cannot claim their superiority over women. But this position of women has been the subject to repeated controversy because of the misinterpretations of issues regarding women in our society. This paper deals with a very crucial point, women as head of the state in a Muslim/Islamic state in the light of the Holy Quran and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). An attempt has been made to find out the real position of women vis-à-vis the concept of leadership in Islam as objectively as possible to reach a balanced view. Before initiating the discussion on the main topic, that is, the leadership by women, we will give a brief description of women’s position in society and their participation in public life.