Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Ligand Complexes of Copper(II) with Adenine and Dicarboxylic Acids


  • Sumaia Abdullah
  • M. S. Rahman
  • Humaira Yeasmin
  • A. A. Shaikh
  • Pradip K. Bakshi


Nucleobase, Adenine, Dicarboxylic acid, Infrared spectrum, Magnetic susceptibility.


Three mixed ligand complexes of copper(II) with adenine and dicarboxylic acids have been synthesized. The resulting complexes
were characterized by their melting point, solubility, metal content analysis, FT-IR and UV-visible spectroscopy, magnetic
measurement, thermal analysis, cyclic voltammetric measurement and X-ray powder diffraction study. The products are
microcrystalline powder, slightly soluble in water and decompose at high temperature. Under experimental condition, the ligands
adenine (Ade) behaves as a neutral ligand, whereas oxalic acid (OxH2), succinic acid (SucH2) and tartaric acid (TarH2) are doubly
deprotonated to form dianionic ligands that are coordinated to the Cu(II) ion. The Cu(II) content analysis of the complexes confine
to their stoichiometry [Cu(Ade)(L)(H2O)] (L = Ox, Suc, or Tar dianion). Electrochemical redox behavior of the complexes in their
reaction medium was also examined. They exhibit quasi-reversible one-electron transfer processes.