The Impact of Variable Fluid Properties on Biomagnetic Maxwell Fluids Past a Stretching Sheet with Slip Velocity and Heat Generation/Absorption


  • M. G. Murtaza
  • M.Z.I. Bangalee
  • Mohammad Sahadet Hossain
  • M. Ferdows


Biomagnetic fluid, ferrofluid, Maxwell fluid, magnetization, stretching sheet.


The impact of variable fluid properties (viscosity and thermal conductivity) and magnetic dipole on biomagnetic Maxwell fluid past
a stretching sheet with slip velocity and heat generation/absorptionhave been studied. Similarity transformation technique is
adopted to obtain the self-similar coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Using similarity variable, the basic governing
equations with boundary conditions are transformed and solved in bvp4c technique with MATLAB software. The contribution of
different pertinent parameters such as viscosity, thermal conductivity and ferromagnetic parameter on the flow profiles with
physical quantities are analyzed and examined through graphically. Results shown that with increasing ferromagnetic parameter,
slip parameter, Maxwell parameter, velocity decreases but temperature increases. For accuracy of the proposed model to compare
our numerical results in numerically and graphically with the previousliterature under some limiting cases and a good agreement is