Job Satisfaction Among Government College Teachers in Comilla District, Bangladesh

Shaikh Moksadur Rahman, Syeedul Al-Amin


Job satisfaction has been defined as a pleasurable or positive emotional
state resulting from an appraisal of one's job. It is one of the most important and
widely researched variables in industrial-organizational psychology. Job
satisfaction increases productivity on the one hand and reduces absenteeism and
turn-over on the other. The purpose of this exploratory study is to examine the
demographic and other factors that influence job satisfaction. The primary data
have been collected from one hundred and thirty two teachers from different
government colleges in Comilla District, Bangladesh. One-way analysis of variance
(ANOVA) and t -test were employed to analyze the data. The results indicate that
there were significant differences in job satisfaction across age, sex, rank, pay
scale, year of experience, academic degree, and academic result. No significant
difference was found with regard to publication. The results of this study might be
useful for the concerned authority to enhance the level of satisfaction of the
teachers working in government colleges by taking necessary actions.


Job satisfaction; JDI; JIG; teacher; government college; Bangladesh

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