Consumer Behavior towards Clothing Apparel of Designer Brands: A Study on the Boutiques and Fashion Houses in Bangladesh

Nayeema Ahmed, Nadia Ahmed


This paper is an attempt to identify the main factors affecting buying
behavior of consumer towards clothing apparel in Bangladesh. The study
examines the attributes of clothing apparel and their impact on consumers
buying attitudes. Two research questions were put forward and two hypotheses
were developed. At first, exploratory research has been conducted to gain an
insight of the topic and to find out the attributes and in turn, this article reports
on the findings based on a conclusive (descriptive) research. A self-administered
structured questionnaire is developed and administered to a non-probabilistic
quota sample of 125 apparel consumers of different age from different location.
The respondents’ ratings of 22 statements are then factor analyzed to determine
the underlying behavioral factors. It has been observed that there are some
interdependent attributes affecting the buying decision for clothing apparel.
Eight factors emerged and used as independent variables in regression analysis.
Results indicate significant impact of some of the attributes to consumer
behavior of buying clothing apparel. This helps to highlight the functional and
psychological attributes that marketers of different boutiques and fashion
houses should consider when they introduce or market clothing apparel of
designer brands in Bangladesh.


Consumer behavior, clothing apparel, designer brand, boutique, fashion house, Bangladesh.

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