Economic Reasons behind Adulteration Issues in Fish Supply Chain in Bangladesh

Fatema-Tuz- Zohra, Md. Moslah Uddin


Food safety is one of the main concerns in any food supply chain. Since the last
decade adulteration has become widespread in fish supply chain in Bangladesh. Use of
formalin, toxic industrial dye and use of animal waste have been identified in several
government inspections. The study reviewed relevant literature in order to summarize the
knowledge of previous research regarding this issue. A suitable methodology was developed
and justified in order to collect qualitative data through the interviews of relevant sector
experts, fish traders and fish farmers. Through the results from the analysis of qualitative
data, a problem tree analysis was conducted in order to identify the underlying reasons
behind the food adulteration issue in fish supply chain in southern region of Bangladesh. The
study found that the main three factors behind the adulteration issue are high post harvest
loss, lack of government monitoring, and high profit motives.

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