Effects of natural and commercial diets on growth, reproductive performances and embryogenesis of zebrafish danio rerio

Md Golam Rabbane, Md Rakibur Rahman


This study evaluated the effects of five diets (diet 1: Dried tubifex, diet 2:
Artemia, diet 3: Artemia and commercial pellet feed, diet 4: Spirulina and
commercial pellet feed; diet 5: commercial pellet feed) on growth, reproductive
performances and embryogenesis of zebrafish Danio rerio for a period of 62
days. Significantly higher specific growth rate was found in diet 5 when
compared with diet 1 but no significant difference was observed between diet 2,
3, 4 and 5. Mean weight and length gain were significantly greater in zebrafish
fed diet 5 than diets 1 ‐ 4. While 100% survival was found in diet 4, the lowest
level was 90.26 ± 1.06% in diet 1. Mean spawning success was significantly
higher in zebrafish fed diet 5 than in those fed diets 1 ‐ 4. Mean fertilization and
hatching rates were higher in the fish fed diet 3 ‐ 5 than in diets 1 and 2.
Zebrafish consumed commercial pellet feed only resulted in more viable
offsprings and grown better. Results suggested that commercial pellet is
suitable in zebrafish culture for maximum growth and production of viable
offspring in laboratory condition.


Commercial diets, Growth, Reproduction, Embryogenesis, Zebrafish

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