Identification and comparison of three carp fishes based on mitochondrial 16s rRNA gene

Hawa Jahan, Maria Akter, Rowshan Ara Begum, Reza Md Shahjahan


Identification of Labeo rohita, L. bata and L. gonius is sometimes problematic
when usual morphological features are lost and it is difficult to differentiate them
with traditional morphological features at their diverse developmental stages.
PCR-sequencing provides an authentic alternative means of identification of
individuals at species level. Three local carp fishes were collected and 16S rRNA
genes were sequenced by sanger sequencing method after PCR amplification
using universal primers. Obtained sequences were found accurate with blast
search result which showed maximum range of similarity with the existing
respective gene fragments present in GenBank database. Sequences were
compared and multiple sequence alignment has revealed some polymorphic
sites which can be used to differentiate these three species from one another. This
study may provide valuable understanding to study their population in future.


Three carp fishes, PCR-sequencing, 16S rRNA

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