Antifungal Activity of Forty Higher Plants against Phytopathogenic Fungi

Jaripa Begum, Mohammad Yusuf, Jashim Uddin Chowdhury, Saifulla Khan, M Nural Anwar


Ethanolic extract of 40 higher plants representing 23 families were tested for antifungal activity against some phytopathogenic fungi. The two most active plants showing potent antifungal activity were Acorus calamus and Piper betel. The rhizome extract of A. calamus exhibited highest antifungal activity inhibiting the mycelial growth completely (100%) against all the 6 test pathogens. P. betel exhibited more than 50% inhibition against most of the test fungi. The ethanolic extract of several higher plants could be used as alternative source of antifungal agents for protection of plants or crops against fungal infection.


Antifungal activity, Phytopathogenic fungi, Higher plants

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Bangladesh Journal of Microbiology ISSN 1011-9981 (Print) 2408-8374 (Online)